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 I promise to help you reach your goals no matter how lofty they are. If you want to get out from behind your desk, start a new business, hire better employees, create a training program, sell your pet sitting business, expand, hire a manager so you can go back to the dogs, WHATEVER you want - I'll help you get there 

Cara's History
How She Got Here

Using her retail management background after having become the youngest store manager to run a 3 million dollar sporting goods store, Cara went to great depths learning how to run a great pet care business of her own. Many things she learned the hard way, like not using QuickBooks or being a late adapter to software meant to save the very time she was wasting making schedules herself. But she worked tirelessly to make certain her customers were happy and it paid off. 


In 2009, she won Pet Sitter of the Year, the industry’s highest honor awarded by Pet Sitters International and her company continued to rack up the accolades. Active Paws became internationally awarded and locally recommended. In 2011 she became a certified pet first aid & CPR instructor and in 2015 she built an online certification course. Cara continued her passion through education and is a certified professional dog trainer from the prestigious Karen Pyror Academy as well as completing her certification as a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer. She uses these skills to help busy pet care companies like yours have staff that understands how to safely work with pets.

She also currently runs the #1 preferred and #4 (who she bred) AKC agility Boxers. She has volunteered for The Boxer Rescue, Greyhound Friends, is a health-conscious breeder of Boxers (Sinnott Boxers), as well as a member of the Middlesex Boxer Club, Northshore Kennel Club, LEAP Agility Club of Central, MA and Wachusett Kennel Clubs. She serves as a mentor to many in the pet industry as well as those in the small business world.

She spends her free time training dogs and traveling to agility, nose work, lure coursing and conformation trials. When not at a trial or finding a  good home for a Boxer through the rescue, she's training with her pups or playing in her garden. 

Cara has done a lot and will continue to do more. Her greatest passion is making certain business owners in the pet industry continue to make pet lives better by not destroying their own. Businesses are hard to run, she will help you make it so much easier. 

How Is She Different

Cara is still in the business, in fact, she is entrenched in the pet industry. Most of the current coaches/consultants you will find no longer have their business sold their business or are just too far removed from the current ongoings in the pet care market. 

Cara has always had employees, she has never had independent contractors so she can provide advice on hiring legit help when you need it. 

She's been a sole proprietor and an S-corp, she knows the benefits and can advise on what would work best for you.

Cara has written employee handbooks for her company and larger educational companies such as FetchFind. She has employment contracts, position contracts, hiring ads, interview questions, social media plans, you name it.

Cara has researched and used multiple pet care softwares, she can recommend one that best suits your business needs.

She's written plenty of blogs, many hitting 5,000 unique readers per month, you need content, she has content. 

She's won awards for her business and can help you do the same.

She's given lectures on and has managed several social media accounts with large followings, up to and including an Instagram account with over 17K followers, which she still manages. 

She built a business where she can help others improve theirs. Cara also has experience selling part of hers if that's your choice. She's no longer tied to the daily activities and can help you do the very same.

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